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IMV 0 by Toyota: Empowering Lives with Customizable Mobility Solutions

  • Toyota launches IMV 0 pickup truck in Thailand, emphasizing affordability and customization for diverse customer needs and lifestyles.
  • IMV 0 offers 11 customizable models, 8 grades, and various engine types, promoting personalized customization and contributing to a better mobility society.

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. (TMT), Toyota’s vehicle sales and production company in Thailand, held a launch event in Bangkok on November 27 for the new IMV series*1 model IMV 0*2―which was introduced at the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023. Orders for the model are now being accepted.

The IMV series was developed under the leadership of Akio Toyoda, then Chief Executive Officer of the Asia Region and current Chairman of the Board. The IMV series was developed with local engineers in the spirit of genchi-genbutsu, in hopes of contributing to the Asian economy together with the people of Asia.

Since the launch of the new pickup truck in Thailand in 2004, it has been introduced in more than 180 countries and regions around the world and has evolved to meet the needs of the era and the local community. In Thailand, the IMV series is regarded as a local favorite, integral to daily life. IMV has contributed to the Thai economy, with domestic sales totaling more than 2.7 million units and exports totaling more than 4 million units.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve and customer needs diversify, the lifestyles of Thai customers also continues to change. For the IMV series, Toyota decided to return to its origins to create an IMV pickup truck that is truly affordable and meets the needs of customers. Local engineers led the development of the IMV 0 after thoroughly researching customer lifestyles*3.

Hilux Champ is mobility that helps make your vision come true and your life more colorful, from business to private life, through customizability. At the launch in Thailand, 11 customized models were introduced. TMT offers eight grades with an emphasis on covering a variety of business styles and uses. There are short and long-wheelbase versions, three engine types―2.0L gasoline engine, 2.7L gasoline engine, and 2.4L diesel engine―and an unequipped type with a flat deck is also available. Prices range from 459,000 to 577,000 baht.

The deck has bolt holes at various locations so that custom accessories can be easily attached using bolts and nuts. In addition, for those customers who request customization, TMT can provide information on more than 100 accessory manufacturers so that each customer can enjoy personalized customization. TMT will produce the model at the Samrong Plant.

Toyota and TMT continue to make efforts to develop the automobile industry in Thailand and to achieve a better mobility society where all people can move freely. In addition, Toyota will join the IDEMITSU SUPER ENDURANCE Race (Dec. 22-23) to promote carbon neutrality for the Asian region through motorsports.

*1 The IMV series consists of three types of pickup trucks, minivans, and SUVs.

*2 IMV 0: Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle 0 (Zero)

*3 Story of the IMV series and IMV 0 development: 60th-anniversary celebration of TMT in December 2022

Principle specifications (Specifically for Thailand: 2.4L diesel engine, long-wheelbase with a deck)

Occupancy (people) 2
Length (mm) x Width (mm) x Height (mm) 5,300 / 1,785 / 1,735
Wheelbase (mm) 3,085
Drive system 2WD
Curb weight (kg) 2,790
Minimum turning radius (m) 5.4
Maximum load 1 tonne
Engine 2.4L diesel engine
Transmission 5MT, 6AT

Source: Toyota

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