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Advancing Cancer Diagnostics with Philips’ Super Resolution Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound

Advancing Cancer Diagnostics with Philips' Super Resolution Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound
Advancing Cancer Diagnostics with Philips' Super Resolution Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound

Philips unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in cancer diagnostics with their Super Resolution Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) application on the EPIQ Elite ultrasound system.

This innovative technology promises to revolutionize the way clinicians assess lesions’ blood flow dynamics, offering a non-invasive and well-tolerated alternative to traditional iodinated contrast media.

Key Points:

Enhancing Diagnostic Confidence with CEUS:

  • Traditional methods of assessing lesion blood flow often involve the use of iodinated contrast media, which can be poorly tolerated by some patients. CEUS, on the other hand, leverages micro-bubble contrast media based on an inert gas that is naturally excreted by the patient’s breathing.
  • By adopting Philips’ Microvascular Imaging Super Resolution CEUS, clinicians can now achieve up to 200% better spatial resolution compared to previous offerings. This technological leap provides unprecedented clarity in visualizing contrast media flow patterns within a lesion.

Expert Testimony:

  • Professor Dirk-André Clevert, a distinguished figure in Radiology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany, lauded Philips’ microvascular imaging for its ability to not only visualize contrast media flow but also track how it evolves over time. This dynamic insight greatly enhances diagnostic confidence, particularly in assessing indeterminate lesions.
  • The introduction of Philips’ Collaboration Live software facilitates remote training for external sonographers, enabling them to navigate procedures effectively.

Patient Safety and Cost-effectiveness:

  • Super resolution microvascular imaging (MVI), like other CEUS modalities, stands out for its avoidance of ionizing radiation, ensuring enhanced patient safety during diagnostics.
  • In addition to its safety benefits, CEUS proves to be a more cost-effective and accessible option compared to procedures involving iodinated contrast media. The incidence of adverse reactions to micro-bubble contrast media is notably lower.

EPIQ Elite: Advancing Clinical Performance:

  • The EPIQ Elite ultrasound system represents a pinnacle in ultrasound technology, integrating cutting-edge transducer innovation and enhanced performance. This platform is designed to bolster clinical confidence and provide personalized care for patients.
  • With a diverse array of diagnostic applications and specialty-specific tools, EPIQ Elite caters to the unique needs of various medical specialties, underscoring its versatility and adaptability.
Advancing Cancer Diagnostics with Philips' Super Resolution Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound

Advancing Cancer Diagnostics with Philips’ Super Resolution Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound

The introduction of Philips’ Super Resolution CEUS on the EPIQ Elite ultrasound system marks a significant milestone in cancer diagnostics. By eschewing traditional iodinated contrast media in favor of micro-bubble contrast agents, this technology not only enhances diagnostic precision but also prioritizes patient safety and accessibility.

The testimonial from Professor Dirk-André Clevert underscores the immense potential of this innovation. As showcased at the International Bubble Conference, this breakthrough promises to reshape the landscape of cancer assessment and pave the way for more confident, efficient, and patient-centered care.

Source: Philips

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