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Unveiling the Toyota FT-Se Electric Sports Concept

  • Battery electric high-performance two-seater sportscar concept for a carbon neutral era
  • Powerful low, wide stance and sleek silhouette with distinctive lines inspired by advanced aerodynamics
  • Handling, cornering and braking enhanced by lighter, smaller components
  • Next-generation batteries, with compact dimensions and a high energy density
  • Personal ride customisation reflects a driver’s lifestyle and individual values

Toyota showcases an exciting potential future for high-performance sports cars with the zero emissions FT-Se battery electric two-seater concept vehicle.

Incorporating the expertise gained from TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s efforts to make ever-better cars through motorsport participation, the FT-Se concept presents a vision of how a driver’s relationship with their vehicles will evolve and deepen.

With its name drawn from ‘Future Toyota Sports electric’, the FT-Se is a concept for high performance in the carbon neutral era. It incorporates a stunningly sleek, smooth silhouette characteristic of a pure two-seater sports car, encasing next generation battery electric technology.

At a compact 1,220 mm tall, it recalls memories of classic sports cars from the past while its 1,895 mm width generates a purposeful stance, accentuated by a cutting edge front design which combines smooth curves and aggressive lines. A 4,380 mm long and sleek silhouette catches the eye thanks to its aerodynamic lines, distinctive trapezoid shapes and evocative rear spoiler.

Inside, the next-generation cockpit offers intuitive controls and a more immersive driving experience, with a low instrument panel profile ensuring high visibility. Newly designed kneepads protect the driver and passenger from G-forces during driving, whether on the road or in the FT-Se’s natural habitat, the race track.

Progress in the fields of electrification and intelligent technology have allowed Toyota to build on the direction already indicated in 2021 when the first sports concept was unveiled as part of the company’s vision for battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Enhanced handling stability and aerodynamic performance complement the response and pure thrills of a high-performance, next generation electric powertrain.

The latest batteries, with a low height and high energy density, are an important factor in enabling the FT-Se to push the boundaries of performance. That technology, combined with the downsizing and weight reduction of components such as the motor, transmission and air conditioning unit, allow new possibilities to enhance traditional sports car qualities such as stable cornering, responsive handling and confident braking.

The FT-Se is intended to continually grow through ongoing software updates and beyond, whilst reflecting the driver’s lifestyle and individual values through customisation and convenient functions for stress-free operation. Toyota believes that future mobility will go beyond providing physical transportation tools to becoming a lifestyle partner. The FT-Se concept is a vision of how a battery electric sportscar could become a one-of-a-kind vehicle to get a driver’s pulse racing and foster a long-term bond.

Toyota first displayed the FT-Se at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 in Tokyo on 26 October-5 November, alongside the FT-3e, a next-generation battery electric SUV-type concept. Both vehicles represent a future transformed by electrification and intelligence, which goes beyond providing physical transportation tool and explores new experience values offered by cars.

Source: Toyota

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